• Second Chance Thoroughbred is a non-profit organization with the key focus of rehabilitation of racetrack horses. Our horses come to us from the track and through local sales and are assessed and given the proper amount downtime before starting.Once in training begins, our horses are slowly brought down from tier racetrack instincts and establish better habits. The Horses are exposed to multiple environments to help ease the overall calming. All horses are up-to-data on veterinarian care and are constantly groomed and maintained. At this website you can track the progress of our current horses and follow thought the lives of our trainer.

    We are now pleased to announce our affiliation with Neighsavers Thoroughbred rescue.

    Check out their website at www.neighsavers.com

    Many of our horse are being sponsored by them and donations are greatly appreciated.

    We are located at Bollinger ranch in San Ramon. If you would like to visit please see our contact page for an appointment. We often have nice horses for sale and this will be noted in that horses blog.

  • Marla Sharlow founder
    559 297-5174

    Email- metheat2@hotmail.com

  • For web support please email [Oops emails not ready yet.. Be patient!]